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diario privado (an addme community)

our private jouirnals written privy to us

private journals shared in more and less privacy.
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All Members
If you write about very personal things that are difficult to share and not casual, add each other
Feel free to introduce yourself and your journal; if you'd like to find and add other people who are sharing and having trouble doing it but would like to have people who understand and will not judge, maybe here could be a place of such journal types.

What counts as "private and personal enough" is up to you. It includes everyone and anyone who might feel that way about anything they are writing.

Please do not advertise anything but a LiveJournal.

English for the most part please. If you would like to make a similar community for another language, I encourage and would affiliate with you possibly even.

Ironically our name is Spanish, but the English would not ft.
So I guess if you really want to try Spanish posts here for some reason, I will not reject them. <3