add me if you would like to read each others writings...

I started this community, which I don't expect to take off, but would like to see if so at all, if anyone else would like to help promote and be involved in finding like mined individuals for what is essentially an add me type of community.

diario privado means, private diary, and that is what my journal is.

I notice a lot of people have very casual journals where they introduce themselves on these community pages and talk about their interests and not the topics they will write about which are difficult for since... the addme culture can be more of a social thing than finding writers and people to read, and audiences to read you, and having the predicament of a writer who is revealing very difficult things.

That is what this page is about.

I will read your journal if you'd like to add me...

I am Cae. My journal is obviously named after its being a privacy journal. I write about a lot of very personally revealing, sometimes very not flattering, but deeply introspective and difficult to share things.

My journal often involves stories about my life, my sex life, my drug problems, and how I have managed to get by and how I am trying to overcome it still even as I confessing the darkest most unspeakable things I have often never allowed even myself to overly think about.

Your private journal may be as private or difficult to share as you would like it to be, but hopefully you identify in some way if you want to share here.